Welcome to iCerdik

At iCerdik, we focus on e-learning content and tools, and adopt an interactive activity-based learning method with students being trained to set their own standards and pace of learning to promote self-improvement, knowledge building and retention.
Our e-learning system is a powerful platform that uses the Internet to give students remote access to knowledge, immediate assessment of their assimilation, instructor and peer guidance as required and certification of achievement. Students can register and learn at their own convenience, pace, and place or use our e-learning software to supplement instructor-led classes.

Solution for Parents

We believe parents play an integral role in any child's education, and their involvement, by providing guidance, motivation and supervision, is the foundation of any success story. However, we understand the process can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

We offer parents a tool to simplify monitoring and make supervision more systematic, efficient and effective, which can only result in savings in time and costs, as well as precise and timely decision-making.

We encourage parents, as active stakeholders, to create a vibrant and cohesive environment for their children. This defining feature allows parents to focus on their most important asset - their children.

Solution for Students

Different students learn in different ways; what seems simple to one student may be difficult for another. Our program is individualised to help identify and develop needed skills while also providing appropriate challenges for students who are faster learners. We can help students explore their interests and apply the skills they've learned.

Solution for Schools

We provide a valuable supplement to core classroom instruction. With multimedia content based on real world situations and a personalised, interactive approach, our curricula hold students' interest and reward them with a sense of accomplishment. We have a long track record of helping students stay in school with anytime/anywhere delivery and age-appropriate content.

iCerdik has long been the leader in providing on-grade and remedial supplemental instructional tools that effectively engage learners, fill skill gaps and challenge students, in an individualized, effective manner.