I first subscribed to iCerdik Program in 2003. What attracted me to this program was its ability to help me keep track of my children’s progress “anytime, anywhere”. This means that I can even monitor my children’s revision exercises when I’m at work. This is very important to me. Being a wife, a mother and having a career all at the same time can be a real challenge when you have only 24 hours in a day. Thanks to iCerdik Program, now I can make sure that they revise their school lessons on a regular basis, even when I not there with them. Getting 3 school-going boys to do revision on their is own, routinely, without parents supervision, is no easy feat. iCerdik Program is really a “must-have” for all working parents, and what’s really great about it is that; it’s affordable too.

Puan Nora Nordin
Head of Quality Control, I&P Bhd

I would definitely recommend iCerdik Program. This program is a simple, inexpensive and effective way for parents to monitor their children’s progress. My son scored 9As in his PMR examinations and I am grateful that I was introduced to this program. I find iCerdik Program to be very effective, especially for someone busy like me. The report card is a wonderful feature because it made me aware and kept me informed of my son’s exam-readiness. The information is truly priceless. Personally, I am of the opinion that this program would benefit all students, especially those sitting for national examinations, like UPSR and PMR. iCerdik can improve students’ performances in examinations. I consider iCerdik Program to be an outstanding success Hats off also for its friendly services. Thank you again iCerdik Program.

Dato’ Nasrudin Bin Hj Ali

iCerdik Program is really great. It’s cheap, convenient and very effective. Now I’m no longer clueless when it comes to my son’s exam-readiness. My son sat for his UPSR examinations last September. He practiced frequently on iCerdik to help him with his revision because he found the online revision to be convenient and interesting. This new study method motivated and encouraged him to be well prepared for the exams. He scored 5As.

(Puan Zuraida’s son Muhammad Aiman Zaharin from SK Sri Kelana, Petaling Jaya scored 5As for the 2005 UPSR exams)

Puan Zuraida Zakaria

Terima kasih iCerdik kerana memberi peluang kepada murid-murid SK Lenga menggunakan aplikasi iCerdik pada tahun 2015. Pelonjakkan GPS kepada 1.41. Satu pencapaian yang luar biasa. iCerdik terbaik!

(Pada tahun 2015, para pelajar tahun 6 Sekolah Kebangsaan Lenga Muar yang bakal menghadapi peperiksaan UPSR pada tahun itu telah diberi akses kepada Program iCerdik.)

Guru Besar
SK Lenga, Muar
GPS sekolah melonjak kepada 1.41 setelah mengikuti Program iCerdik

Before iCerdik Program, my children’s grades were not very encouraging. However, after being on the program, my children showed improvements and began to show interest in their studies. The revision practices in iCerdik Program were really helpful in preparing my son for his UPSR examinations. He scored 5As in the examinations.

(Encik Salim’s son Mohammad Syazli, a student of SK Taman Selasih, Kuala Lumpur, scored 5As in 2004 UPSR examinations.)

S.M Salim Abu Yusof
Engineer, JKR

I must admit that my son is not really an “A Student” material but I believe that consistent involvement, monitoring and supervision from parents is a must to help prepare them in the best possible way we can. As parents it is our responsibility. But how are we to do this if we ourselves are unaware of our own children’s weaknesses or strengths and have to rely on 3rd parties to tell us this. This was what made me take a second look at iCerdik Program. Its ability to provide me with 1st hand information, in an inexpensive and effective manner caught my attention. I realise that my son’s education is important for his future but my work requires me to travel frequently and I hardly can spend time to sit down with him to go through his schoolwork regularly. Honestly, this made me feel helpless. This is why I signed up for iCerdik Program. It allowed me to get involved in my son’s studies with my eyes wide open. I now know my son’s weaknesses and am able to offer him assistance. The little time that we are able to spent together is much more meaningful now and we have become even closer now. It’s amazing how such a simple concept as iCerdik has so much intrinsic benefits to offer. Now, my reason for subscribing to this program goes beyond making a “iCerdik” student out of my son. It’s truly amazing.

Rashid Sulaiman
Project Manager

What I like about iCerdik Program is that it helps me remember what I’ve studied. I can immediately find out if I’ve really understood what was being taught and take remedial steps to improve myself straight away. It allowed me to study at my own pace without much pressure. Because it improved my way of studying, it made studying more interesting and enjoyable. Without doubt, the revision and instant learning techniques in this program benefited me a lot as it showed me what I should focus on. I can learn easier and remember better. Knowing my own level of exam preparedness also made me more confident of myself.

Aliff Naqiuddin Dato’ Nasrudin
Sek. Men. Agama Persekutuan, Kajang
9As PMR 2004

With iCerdik Program, I knew exactly what my weaknesses were and was able to focus on them. I guess this is what is meant by “studying smart”. My daily practices on iCerdik Program helped me keep up with my lessons at school and I think this is really great. The program’s “80% passing marks requirement” is a great feature as it made sure that I was really well-prepared for my examinations, and when it was time, I knew I was exam-ready.

Siti Nur Amalina Kamal,
SK Seri Selangor, Subang Jaya
5As UPSR 2003

I practice regularly on iCerdik Program doing 20 revision questions for each subject that was taught in my school for that particular day. I especially like the “immediate markings” feature as it allows me to immediately find out if I had really understood lessons that were taught in school. I then concentrate and do more practices on topics and subject that I’m weak in. Practice do make perfect.

Umar Abdul Aziz
Sekolah Rendah Islam Integrasi Masiid Darul Ehsan, Subang Jaya
5As UPSR 2004