1. What is iCerdik?

2. What is 'Input Learning'?

3. Why do students need iCerdik?

4. What are the levels and subjects covered by iCerdik?

5. Why is the 'Performance Report' in iCerdik important?

6. How will I know if my children are doing well in iCerdik system?

7. How can I monitor my children's progress, as I do not have the time to constantly sit with him through the lessons?

8. How do you motivate students to continue practising on your iCerdik?

9. Why does iCerdik focus only on objective-type questions?

10. Why are workings, especially for Mathematics, not shown?

11. Will iCerdik burden my children?

12. Do my children still need iCerdik although they are currently attending tuition classes?

13. How does iCerdik compare to conventional tuition classes?

14. Is iCerdik affordable?

15. How do I enroll for more than one (1) child onto iCerdik?