Our Story


It all began in 1999, when siblings Kamal and Hamed Samad, together with their brother-in-law Nik Azman developed “Strawbox” a search engine and an email service provider.

Although lesser known, “Strawbox” was one of the first few locally developed search engines and was in fact, at that time, a commendable achievement, competing alongside bigger names such as “Cari” and “Catcha”.

“Strawbox” marked the beginning of Kamal, Hamed and Nik Azman's involvement in the internet industry and it was also in the same year that they started work to develop a software with an online monitoring system to assist parents with school-going children.

The idea to develop such a software was actually sparked by the difficulties personally experienced by the founding members in monitoring their own children’s daily schoolwork. 


Work on the educational software was completed a year later and in 2000 "SchoolToYou" was founded. 

It was also in 2000 that Cerdik Publications Sdn Bhd, a leading publisher of school books in Malaysia, acquired 25% of Schooltoyou Sdn Bhd, and this collaboration saw Cerdik Publications becoming the leading content provider to “SchoolToYou”. This association also gave "SchoolToYou" quality educational content and a brick-and-mortar reality to its web storefront.

Nik Azman, who was at that time, also a director of Cerdik Publications Sdn Bhd, was instrumental in making the partnership possible. 


The software was further enhanced in 2003, and was named "Straight-A's Program". The earlier "schooltoyou" software was replaced with the newer and better "Straight-A's Program" which show-cased many more features. 


However, the following year saw all of the founding members parting companies, which left younger brother Kamal at the helm, marketing "Straight-As Program" directly to end users through a team of employed sales personnel.


In 2006, the "School Adoption Program" was launched and this campaign saw various corporations, through their respective CSR programs, adopting 30 schools. 

Between 2006 and 2009, collaborations were established with various corporation and government agencies such as Ambank Group, Koperasi I&P, KEMAS, Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan and MIDF in the marketing of Straight-As Program.

In 2006, a three year contract was secured with Jabatan Pembangunan Komuniti & Sosial, DBKL to provide “Straight-As Program” to selected community centres in DBKL’s Public Housing Projects (Projek Perumahan Rakyat or PPR in short). 


Further enhancements were made to the software in 2011. The time was also right to differentiate the brand from other programs with similar sounding names that were being marketed through Multi Level Maketing (MLM), and with increasing controversies surrounding these other programs, the rebranding exercise to "iCerdik" was deemed to be a move made in the right direction. And hence "Straight-A's Program" was rebranded and renamed "iCerdik".


The number of users have steadily grown since the program was first introduced. At the same time, through our school adoption campaign, program partners had included reputable corporation and organisation such as Yayasan MyKasih, AMBank, Koperasi I&P, KEMAS and MIDF - just to name a few.

There are now around 100 schools that are currently benefitting from our “Adopt-A-School” program, and this brings the total on-line community of parents, teachers and students under this program to more than 100,000 users - and growing!

With the involvement of the corporate sector, schools will get access to an efficient profiling and monitoring system that provides real-time feedbacks and reports with relevant data that not only saves time and cost but most importantly helps schools monitor, review and measure students' performances in a timely and much more systematic, efficient and effective manner. 

With such a system in place, schools will be able to focus and give attention on equally important issues such as importance of positive decision making, leadership among peers and positive motivation among the student fraternity.

We're certainly glad we're able to play a part in bridging the digital divide!

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance education by providing the educational community with easy and affordable access to quality, web-based educational resources and tools. Our team of experienced educators and programmers, is committed to providing innovative web-based services that empower a more effectively integrate technology into learning experiences of students to become independent, disciplined 21st Century learners. Students today sense the power of technology integration but need the help of educators and effective instructional tools to apply technology skills to real world success. Armed with technology-based proficiencies, they will be inspired to create, collaborate, and enter a world of global opportunities

We help educators find the natural intersections between teaching core curriculum topics and integrating technology tools for enhanced learning. Our online technology literacy curriculum and assessment tools help schools achieve their goals of technology literacy, 21st Century teaching and learning, and effective measurement and accountability. Through our products and services, students and teachers gain the skills and discipline to effectively integrate technology into their everyday teaching and learning activities.

Our Values

Our values are the set of beliefs we share about how we will operate our business. Our values lead us to consider some goals as more legitimate than others. At iCerdik, our values are evident every day in the way we work, interact with our fellow employees, and treat our customers. Our values speak loudly about who we are, how we work together, and how we interact with the outside world.

We value education. We believe that education is a life-long process that contributes to productive citizenship. We strive to add quality and innovation to the learning process through our inspired solutions.

We value our customers. We operate in an efficient, effective, and profitable manner; it is in the best interest of our customers. We are candid and honest with our customers in order to establish reasonable expectations. We work diligently to deliver quality products and services with the appropriate specifications, at the right price, on the agreed upon schedule - every time.

We are dedicated to excellence. We are individually and collectively committed to exceptional performance. We plan, prepare, and execute in a manner that leads to extraordinary results.

We embrace change. We energetically adapt our products, services, practices, and processes to new opportunities and methods of doing business. We assure that changes in the market drive changes in the Company.

We respect each other. We value the diversity of experience, background, and culture that our colleagues bring to the Company. We approach every interaction believing we share a loyalty to the Company and its success. We openly discuss issues, concerns, and suggestions in order to reach a decision that focuses on improving processes rather than fixing people. We behave in a professional manner at all times, working diligently to communicate effectively.

We expect financial success. We are earnest about our obligations to financial objectives. We recognise that all of our employees, customers, and shareholders share the financial benefits of a well-managed business that achieves predictable growth and profitability, greater than the market.

Why Us

We are among the leading provider of web-based resources, tools and services for education with a history of successful student outcomes.

Our heritage of innovation dates back to 1999 and continues today as we lead the educational technology industry with the breadth and depth of our software and services. We have built a reputation as the most trusted and recognised brand, providing the educational fraternity with access to online educational opportunities, designed to empower students to advance themselves both personally and academically. Our portal has become one of the premier destinations for teachers and students seeking to find quality and reliable, web-based educational resources.

We deliver just-in-time online assessments and our courseware includes thousands of hours of basic to advanced level instructional content for Malaysian school-going children. We accurately identify students’ needs and offer innovative accountability solutions that help educators effectively manage the learning environment by fully integrating academic standards with all instructional resources. Our research-based model of student achievement and industry-leading professional services support continuous school improvement and help to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to achieve academic success.

We bring learning standards to the classroom, fully integrating them with all your instructional resources. We provide meaningful professional development, customised to meet our customers’ needs. Most importantly, we make a difference in the lives of learners - as they upgrade their skills, increase their self-esteem, discover success, and become better, more self-sufficient students.