About iCerdik

iCerdik is an interactive on-line learning program that gives parent, unprecedented first-hand knowledge of their children's educational needs, and helps parent's identify their children's academic strength and weaknesses. It allows parents to better monitor and review their children's progress on a regular and timely basis, at anytime and anywhere.

With iCerdik parents will be well informed of their children's exam-readiness and this allows them to take timely measures to correct any shortcomings that their children might have. This helps students be better prepared to face actual examinations. Our real-time monitoring system allows parents to make quick and informed decisions and has proven to be an indispensable resource to students facing impending school and national examinations.

The unique strength of iCerdik is based on the simple but crucial fact that different students learn in different ways; what seems simple to one student may be difficult for another. We have created and developed a method that systematically identifies students' weaknesses, enabling them to take remedial steps to improve while enjoying self-paced lessons, preparing them to be exam-ready and helping them reach academic excellence.

iCerdik uses examination papers that are set along the lines of actual examinations and educational contents that are carefully designed to be in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. Our modules allow students unlimited practices on assessment exercises and trial exams. Students can sit for regular tests and revision practices at anytime and anywhere, in line with the concept of 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

Since iCerdik was founded it has helped many families who have found the program to be a simple and an effective tool, both for parents and their children. Its unique features and its ability to address concerns faced by parents, and at the same time fulfill the needs of students, have been the key to iCerdik's widespread acceptance and overwhelming success.